New York Knicks: James Dolan Should Coach Team

26 Feb

Hours after negotiating a buyout with the Knicks, Metta World Peace said that James Dolan would make a “great coach” for the team.

Here’s Metta’s full comment on Dolan:

“In my opinion, Mr. Dolan has the right personality to be a coach from this standpoint: he’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind. He commands attention when he speaks to us. And it’s not like if he wanted the job he couldn’t have it. He owns the team.”

The typical reaction to that statement is very likely that Metta is out of his mind, he’s an “alien”, and nothing he says should ever be taken seriously.

While Dolan making a “great coach” is highly unlikely, he should still coach the team.

Doing so would make Dolan truly see that the roster decisions he makes result in the Knicks losing games, and he would be forced to answer to the media on a daily basis.

In his current role as owner of the team, Dolan doesn’t really talk much, he stays behind the scenes, all while the Knicks continually get ripped apart for losing.

Dolan’s reputation as owner is of someone who if you disagree with him, you either quit or you get fired. He’s had great basketball minds, people like Larry Brown and Donnie Walsh who could have easily brought the Knicks back to respectability.  Walsh had the Knicks going on the right path, until Dolan forced Walsh to trade for Carmelo Anthony during the season.  If the Knicks had waited, Carmelo could have very well fallen on the Knicks laps in free agency.

The problem was these great basketball people couldn’t deal with James Dolan, and moved onto other opportunities. That’s led to the Knicks being left with puppet like coaches and management that are forced to kiss up to the boss in order to keep their jobs.

Quite frankly, it’s time to give Dolan a taste of his own medicine and put him on the sidelines for every Knicks game.  I know I’d like to see that.

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