Darrelle Revis New Most Hated Man Among Jets Fans

13 Mar

There’s no sugar-coating it. Darrelle Revis flat-out spurned the New York Jets to join the New England Patriots.

He clearly wasn’t happy about how his tenure with the team ended, so much so he signed on for just one-year and $12 million dollars with the hated Patriots. It’s not like he’s taking up a significant portion of New England’s salary cap either. Revis actually took a 25 percent pay-cut to sign with the Patriots.

After previously saying he refused to take a pay-cut, Revis went against his word when he signed with New England.

That’s the part that hurts the most. For so long it was all about the money. Revis didn’t care about anyone but himself, he was going to make $16 million dollars per season, he was going to be the highest paid cornerback in the game, and there was nothing that anyone was going to do to stop him…That is, until the Patriots swooped in.

All of a sudden, Revis is willing to take less money to help out the team. And not just any team, the New England Patriots.

He sucked the Jets out for everything they’re worth when he held out for bigger contracts not once, but twice. He made Jets fans suffer for months while he sat back and waited for management to take his bait.

Now that Revis is in New England, and looking at how the deal went down, there’s little doubt who the most hated man amongst Jets fans is. Darrelle Revis. This surpasses anything Mark Sanchez did with the team, anything Mike Tannenbaum did, any pass Justin Mccareins dropped.

Doug Brien, you’re still not off the hook!

The wait officially begins for when the Jets and Patriots go head to head. You can rest for sure that it’s going to be a show.

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