Final Project: Radio Show Simulcast

22 Mar

For my final project, myself, Mike Lucas, and Isaac Moore will be teaming up to produce a one-hour simulcast of “The Lucas and Lucas Show”.

Multiple HD cameras will be set up, there will be lower thirds, graphics, guest interviews with Knicks beat writer Steve Popper and Tom Curran, and basically everything that goes into a radio show simulcast.

Mike Lucas and I will host the show, and along with Isaac, the three of us will contribute to the production. That would entail syncing the audio, designing all the graphics, and choosing which camera angles we want to use at a given time.

We plan on having medium shots of me, Mike, and Isaac who will be in the producers booth, as well as a wide angle of the studio.

A simulcast is something none of us have ever tried, so it’s completely new to all of us. We believe that we can pull it off successfully.

The show will be divided up into 3 segments, with two 3-4 minute breaks. We will do a one-minute “sports update” prior to each break.

The top of the show will include the hottest topics in sports at the time, then the next segments will be a mix of the guest interviews with a mix of other major headlines.

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