Instant Replay Fails Again in Yankees Red Sox Game

12 Apr

Instant Replay fails again.

What do you know? Instant replay once again failed to get the call right. In the bottom of the 8th win one out, Dean Anna slid into 2nd safely with a double.

However, once Red Sox shortstop Xander Bogearts got the ball, he held the tag on Anna who’s right foot clearly came off the bag for a split second.

Red Sox manager John Farrell got word of this from the clubhouse, and challenged the call. The umpires reviewed it and determined Anna was safe. Now after the game, Major League Baseball acknowledged its mistake.

Props to Major League Baseball for admitting their umpires got the call wrong, but FOX had this exact photo up before the umps even went to review the play, and MLB officials in Manhattan still didn’t have time to get the conclusive angle?? Thankfully, this call had no impact on the result of the game.

There seems to be a new problem brewing with replay in baseball. The umps may be too afraid of holding the game up that they rush into making a call. That doesn’t help anyone.

If you’re going to have replay, then you have to get the call right. That’s the bottom line. So far in this baseball season, that has not been the case.

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