Examining TMZ’s Decision to Release Donald Sterling Audio

26 Apr

TMZ was presented with a decision today. Someway, somehow, they got their hands on a private conversation that supposedly took place on April 9th between Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend.

In the recording, Sterling heavily criticized his girlfriend for posting a photo of her and Magic Johnson on Instagram, and for publicizing the fact she was associating herself with “black people”.

What Sterling said is disgusting. The fact that an owner of an NBA team feels this way about black people is repulsive, and terrible for the image of the Clippers as well as the National Basketball Association.

But let’s take a step back for a second. What kind of world are we living in? Does every conversation we have with someone have the ability to be obtained and made public? After all, this was a PRIVATE conversation that wasn’t meant to be heard by millions of people.

It’s just a scary thing to envision. If you say something that you shouldn’t have said, and it gets in the hands of the wrong individual, your life could be ruined forever.

As for TMZ, let’s look at is their decision to publicize Sterling’s comments. By doing this, TMZ knew all too well that Sterling’s reputation and life would never be the same, and the ramifications of what he said would have the entire country reacting angrily, which exactly what has taken place.

Donald Sterling has always had a reputation of being a racist, but no one really seemed to care until now. Baron Davis has come out in the past against Sterling, and so has Elgin Baylor who even attempted to take Sterling to court before that case was thrown out.

The next thing is the timing. Right now? Really? The Los Angeles Clippers, the team Sterling has owned since the early 1980s, is arguably in its best position to win a championship for the first time in franchise history.

Instead, for as long as the Clippers are in the playoffs, and for as long as Sterling is owning the team, this cloud over his comments will hover over the team causing a major distraction to what Chris Paul, Doc Rivers, and Blake Griffin are trying to accomplish, and that’s winning a title.

How long TMZ was in possession of this audio is unknown, but if they acquired the audio around the time it was said, why did they wait until now?

The Clippers are trying to win a championship, and TMZ has to interrupt it at the worst time possible.

In the end, this whole situation is very unfortunate and it’s a shame the NBA playoffs have to be overshadowed by this nonsense.

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