Frankly Frankel: May 10, 2014

10 May

It’s Saturday, which can only mean one thing, the 2nd annual “Frankly Frankel” coming to you on this May 10, 2014.

  • I could not help but start this week with the NFL Draft. A little FYI for everyone that was not happy about the draft being pushed back 2-weeks, you did NOTHING that would convince the NFL to return it back to April. Instead, you gave the draft’s first round a 6.8 overnight rating, its highest ever. That doesn’t even include the NFL Network’s coverage which received a highly impressive 1.9 rating.
  • Believe me, I was not a fan of the draft moving to May. I literally felt like Mel Kiper Jr., Todd McShay, and every other “draft expert” were beating a dead horse for months with this nonsense. It would be great if the draft went back to April, but based on this year’s turnout, it’s not happening. Way to go everyone.
  • A few things stuck out to me the first two days. One was Blake Bortles going 3rd to Jacksonville. I really feel like if Bortles was the guy the Jaguars wanted, they should have traded back. This feels way too reminiscent of Blaine Gabbert going 10th in 2011, such a reach.
  • You don’t draft a quarterback in the top 3 and then not start him week 1, especially if the guy you’re starting over him is Chad Henne. Hey, if the Jags want another top pick in next year’s draft, start Henne.
  • Aside from Bortles, I love what Jacksonville did drafting Marqise Lee out of USC and Allen Robinson out of Penn State. I would have loved for the Jets to draft either one of those guys, and Lee would have been a top-15 pick in last year’s draft. John Idzik reportedly did everything in his power to snatch Lee up, but for whatever reason, did not. That one hurt.
  • The Buffalo Bills traded what I truly believe will be a top-10 first round pick in the 2015 draft to the Cleveland Browns for Sammy Watkins. By the way, what a difference a day makes for Cleveland. Everyone was so excited on Saturday when Johnny Manziel was picked at 22, and Justin Gilbert 8th. So excited…
  • Then Friday, it was learned that Josh Gordon failed a drug test for smoking dope and likely faces a one-year suspension. How do the Browns seriously pass on Watkins knowing that information, which it was reported they did? It was later learned that another Browns receiver, Nate Burleson, broke his arm and will be out a few months. All I have to say is thank god the Jets didn’t trade for Gordon last season. I don’t even want to ponder that possibility.
  • Of all the possible spots to draft Johnny Manziel, did the Browns really have to do it with the 22nd pick? You would think they would have learned their lesson with Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden who were both picked with the 22nd pick in 2007 and 2012….
  • Sammy Watkins was without a doubt the best offensive player in this draft, and a player that I wanted the Jets to really consider making a bold move on. Now Jets fans everywhere are going to have to deal with this absolute stud in the AFC East for too long. That being said, I would not have given up 2 one’s for him.
  • Finally, about the players drafted by the Jets. Welcome to the team Calvin Pryor, Jace Amaro, and Dexter McDougle. I wasn’t crazy about any of Gang Green’s picks, but I can’t argue with them (except McDougle). The Pryor pick was an underestimated move by Idzik. The safety position was a liability last year with so many teams beating them with the deep ball. I believe Pryor adds some necessary toughness in the back-end.
  • Amaro is the play-making tight end the Jets haven’t had since they thought they had it in Dustin “waste of space” Keller. He’s 6’6, and is a difference maker unlike Jeff Cumberland who could really be the worst tight end in football. I’m truly sick and tired of hearing Rex Ryan, and other Jets “analysts” say that Cumberland can play. He can’t and that’s the bottom line.
  • The Dexter McDougle pick seems like a monumental reach by the Jets. This guy had 6th-7th round grades. He reportedly can fly, so we’ll see. “In Idzik we trust”.
  • My favorite pick of the first-round was the Saints getting Brandin Cooks. Cooks and Drew Brees seem to go together like bread and butter.
  • Another FYI, I had the opportunity to watch the NFL Draft from MetLife Stadium. There, I was able to tell Geno Smith personally about my desire to have him start over Michael Vick. His response, “Thanks”. I did not take too kindly to that, but I still want to part of Michael Vick who I repeat, is a BACK-UP quarterback, unless you like losing.
  • Onto the Brooklyn Nets who trail the Miami Heat 2-0 heading into game 3 tonight. My despise for Deron Williams gets bigger and bigger with every passing second. All this guy did was complain and complain, and when he finally gets what he wants, he starts playing like garbage. ZERO points in game 2, a game the Nets had to have??? When you get paid $98 million dollars, you better score!!
  • This was the first time in Williams career he did not score in a game in which he played 15 or more minutes (702 games). The last time he did not score was in 2006 while playing with the Jazz.
  • I’m so done with Deron. Count me in for trading him this off-season. A trade to the Rockets (it would unite him with Dwight Howard) for Patrick Beverly and Omir Asik sounds very intriguing to me, but anything to get rid of him. That is, unless he decides to wake up and lead the Nets to the Conference Finals.
  • I’ve finally decided that TMZ was wrong to release the Donald Sterling audio. It was a private conversation that wasn’t meant for anyone to hear. Sterling recently said that he was trying to have sex with his girlfriend, which is why he said what he said. The bottom line to me is David Stern should have never allowed this situation to go this far, and I’m so sick of hearing about him. He really nauseates me.
  • Kevin Durant gave one of the most heart-felt speeches I’ve ever heard while accepting his MVP award. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a half-hour long. You won’t regret it. Durant is so human, so relatable, his story is so inspiring, and there’s not a more likeable guy in sports…period.
  • Mark Jackson was fired this week as coach of the Golden State Warriors. This was one of those rare instances where a coach was fired and the players loved him. Usually there’s someone who complains, but ownership for whatever reason wanted to go in another direction.
  • I first became a fan of Jackson’s when he was calling Nets games alongside Marv Albert and Ian Eagle. Like Durant, Mark Jackson is one of the most likeable guys in the business.
  • What do you know, Mariano Rivera in his new book, “The Closer”, shares the same beliefs about Robinson Cano that I have:
  • “This guy has so much talent I don’t know where to start… There is no doubt that he is a Hall-of-Fame caliber (player). It’s just a question of whether he finds the drive you need to get there. I don’t think Robby burns to be the best… You don’t see that red-hot passion in him that you see in most elite players.”
  • Rivera later added: “Nobody plays harder, gives more, wants to win more. He comes at you hard for twenty-seven outs. It’s a special thing to see….If I have to win one game, I’d have a hard time taking anybody over Dustin Pedroia as my second baseman.”
  • I could not agree more. Cano is one of the most talented players in baseball. However, he’s not a winner, and Pedroia is. Give me Pedroia over Cano 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • This week the Yankees officially re-named River Avenue to Rivera Avenue in honor of Mariano Rivera. This was a really cool touch by the Yankees and I’m excited to see what the team has in store for Derek Jeter.
  • The Yankees announced they will retire Joe Torre’s number 6 in an August 23rd ceremony at Yankee Stadium, and honor Paul O’Neil, and Tino Martinez this summer. O’Neil and Tino, behind Jeter and Rivera, are probably my 3rd and 4th favorite Yankees I’ve seen live. Both players were such warriors and shined when the lights shined the brightest.
  • My favorite Tino moment was in game 4 of the 2001 World Series when he hit a game-tying 2-run-home-run with 2-outs in the 9th. I still get goose bumps every time I see that.
  • I put on a Tigers game briefly the other day and got a quick glimpse of Joba Chamberlain with his behemoth of a beard.
  • One out, that was how far Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish was from a no-hitter. He really should have had a perfect game, but Rougned Odor and Alex Rios don’t know how to call one another off. So close, yet so far.
  • The shift in baseball is getting more and more common, and I don’t know how I feel about it. After all, if the Texas Rangers weren’t shifting, Yu Darvish may have had a perfect game yesterday…
  • Be sure to come back here next Saturday, same time, same place. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @lucasfrankel.
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