Michael Vick Knows Where he Stands

23 May

When the New York Jets signed Michael Vick as a free agent, many immediately assumed that the starting quarterback job would automatically be his, for whatever reason.

But as he’s been slowly getting immersed with the New York media, its clear Vick knows where he stands. He was brought here to back up Geno Smith, and even he knows it.

“I think Geno is going to be the starter,” Vick said while taking questions from the media yesterday. “I think he’s going to start this season off. I think Geno has every opportunity to go out and have success. He’s going to get that opportunity.”

This was refreshing to hear after an ESPN SportsNation poll showed that over 60 percent of the country thought Vick should start, and only 23 percent said the starter would be Geno.

Vick’s mentality is also on point.

“It’s still tough right now. . . . I won’t lie. Because deep down you always want to be a starter,” he said. “Hopefully that opportunity will come again one day and I’ve just got to keep working for it.”

Throughout his career, Vick has shown several things. He does have the ability to have a “wow” game, where he dominates in all aspects. But those games don’t happen enough. Vick gets hurt way too often, and he’s only won two playoff games in his career.

The best thing Vick could do while with the Jets is help Geno Smith mature, grow as a player, and provide relief if Geno gets hurt.

The reality of the situation is Geno is still an unanswered question. No one knows who he is yet and the Jets, as well as their fans, deserve to find out the answer to that question.

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