Frankly Frankel: May 31, 2014

31 May

The Pacers season is over!!, Lance Stephenson is a fool, 50 Cent messed up on purpose, Rex Ryan is a front-runner, and the Mets continue to be the Mets. This is Frankly Frankel coming to you on this May 31, 2014.

  • The Indiana Pacers season mercifully came to an end last night with an embarrassing loss to the Miami Heat. That game was long over before the first quarter ended, and it was probably the least competitive Conference Final game I’ve ever seen.
  • After dedicating this season to finally getting past Miami, the Pacers came up short once again. Now, it’s true gut-check time for Larry Bird and company. Do you still believe this is a championship roster, or is it time to blow it up?
  • That wasn’t the story. The story was the antics of Lance Stephenson. I’m a believer there’s gamesmanship, and then there’s “Lancemanship”. The way he acted throughout the Eastern Conference Finals was asinine. He calls out LeBron and D-Wade, which only got them even more motivated to win than they already were, not to mention the way he acted on the court. Don’t get me wrong, he was funny, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean blowing in LeBron’s ear, touching his face, and standing in the opposing teams huddle is acceptable.
  • When asked about whether he wanted Stephenson back on the Pacers next year, Paul George said, “I mean, I don’t know.” I think that says all you need to know about how the Pacers feel about having Stephenson around. He’s so talented, yet so immature and difficult. If I were running a team, I think I would have to pass at this moment in time.
  • Along with Stephenson, the other player Larry Bird has to make a decision on is Roy Hibbert. Hibbert is the biggest player in the NBA at 7’2, but his on the court performance in the playoffs was truly mind-blowing. The Heat have no one that can stop him. Hibbert should have dominated this series. Instead, he was dominated scoring 0 points in game 4, and having 5 rebounds or less in 3 of the 6 games. The most frustrating part of Hibbert’s play is he allows players like Mario Chalmers to prevent him from going up for a shot. Hibbert should just hold the ball above his head and not so close to the ground.
  • Kevin Durant may have won the MVP, but the best player in the NBA is still LeBron James. Take away his game 5 performance where the only thing that could stop him was the refs, and he’s the far and away the most unstoppable player in the NBA. When he drives to the basket, it’s over. I would love to see a game where every Heat possession, LeBron just drives to the basket because he would score every time.
  • Other than the likely cast of characters for the Heat, Rashard Lewis rose from the dead as Miami closed out Indiana. Where did this man come from? He only contributed in games 5 and 6, but boy did he contribute. Lewis scored 18 points on 6/9 from 3 in game 5, and had 13 points on 5/11 from the field in the deciding game 6. In games 1-4, Lewis took a combined 6 shots and scored 0 points. If he can continue giving Miami this type of spark, it’s game, set, match.
  • New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is up to his usual tricks, proclaiming that 3rd round pick Dexter McDougle reminds him a lot of Darrelle Revis. Seriously Rex? What good does it do to say that your unproven rookie cornerback reminds you of the best player at that position in the sport? I’m so sick of Rex doing this. There was John Connor as the “Terminator”, Derrick Mason catching 90 passes before being traded 4 games in, proclaiming that Wayne Hunter was “the best back-up tackle in football”, the list goes on and on. All he has to do is say he feels McDougle has a chance to be a really good to great player in this league. Not the best corner in the game.
  • Mark Sanchez is long gone from Florham Park, New Jersey, and is now invading Philadelphia where he proclaimed earlier this week that he was “just entering the prime” of his career. What career? His back-up quarterback career? I have no idea what Sanchez was talking about here, and he just sounds foolish.
  • The New York Rangers are in the Stanley Cup Finals, which means Rex Ryan is now the teams number 1 fan.
  • If there’s one thing I have zero respect for in this world, it’s bandwagon fans. When the New Jersey Devils were in the Finals in 2012, there was Rex as the teams #1 fan.
  • Rex has to make a decision here and pick ONE team. If he wants to root for the Rangers, root for the Rangers. If he wants to root for the Devils, root for the Devils. You don’t get it both ways, not in this town.
  • As a Devils and Jets fan, it’s truly sickening seeing Rex wearing a Rangers jersey, especially after what happened in 2012. Maybe Rex should just stick to worrying about the Jets winning a Super Bowl instead of being so quick to be the biggest fraud of a hockey fan I’ve ever seen.
  • To credit the Rangers, Henrik Lundqvist has been all-world this post-season. He’s put the team on his back and carried them all the way to the Final. Lundqvist is more than capable of carrying his team to the title, but those teams in the West are no joke. Anyone else think this Blackhawks Kings series is the true Stanley Cup Finals?
  • There’s new drama in the Donald Sterling extravaganza. Former Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer reportedly bought the team for $2 Billion dollars. To think that the Milwaukee Bucks sold for $550 million in April, which at the time, was the biggest sale in the Association’s history. In 2011, the Philadelphia 76ers sold for a mere $287 million. Philly is the country’s 4th largest media market, and that sale now looks like the biggest steal in American history.
  • Sterling is also following through on his plans to sue the NBA for $1 Billion. I seriously don’t understand why Sterling continues to try to fight. He was just voted the most hated man in America, and no one wants to hear about him anymore.
  • One of my favorite sports writers of all-time is Bob Ryan, and while his days as a regular columnist are over, he is still a regular on ESPN’s “Around the Horn”. On an episode this week, Ryan gave what I thought was an unbelievable proposal to make Major League Baseball’s All-Star game relevant, exciting, and meaningful: United States vs. The World. Enough of this AL vs. NL World Series home-field advantage nonsense. Not only will this help the sport’s efforts to make baseball even more of a global game, it will also bring national pride into the equation so people that don’t care about baseball will tune in to see the US represent. Make your move Bud Selig!
  • The New York Mets have found the reason for all their problems. It was all hitting coach Dave Hudgens who was fired following Monday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Pirates. In response, the Mets won 3 straight before falling to the Phillies last night in 14 innings.
  • The amount of excuses the Mets make for the teams lack of offense is truly comical. It’s all because Citi Field is too big, according to the manager and everyone associated with that team. The Mets built Citi Field so Jose Reyes could hit triple after triple. Now he’s gone and players the Mets thought would be hitting home-runs in that stadium aren’t.
  • More than any other sport, the way to build a Major League Baseball team is different in every city. You have to find players that fit the park, and the Mets have been terrible at that.
  • The Mets also made headlines this week when 50 Cent threw out the ceremonial first pitch prior to Tuesday night’s game against Pittsburgh.
  • I’m a firm believer that this was 100 percent on purpose. 50 Cent has a new album coming out, and what better way to attain national attention than to throw the worst first pitch of all-time? If he threw it sort of near the catcher, it’s a non story plain and simple. No television networks anywhere would have paid any attention to it. But now, the entire country is talking 50 Cent, just like he wanted.
  • Giancarlo Stanton is truly one of a kind. He hit his 5th home-run of the season that traveled at least 450 feet, which is more than any other Major League team combined…
  • Be sure to tune in next week, same time, same place for another edition of “Frankly Frankel”.
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