Jets Should Take Rest of Season, go for it all in 2015

07 Oct

The New York Jets have already dug themselves too big a whole to climb out of in the 2014 season. A 1-4 start with match-ups coming up against the Broncos and Patriots doesn’t make things look any more promising.

It would be nearly impossible to sell to the fan base, the coach, and the players, but at this point the Jets should just tank. Wave the white flag, the fat lady has sung, the 2014 Jets aren’t winning anything.

What makes the Jets tanking so unlikely is the fact that Rex Ryan is the coach. Just like we saw at the end of last year, don’t be surprised to see Rex rally his troops, and do anything and everything to salvage meaningless games at the end of the season so he can sell to Woody Johnson and John Idzik that he deserves another year.

Rallying for Rex is the last thing the Jets need right now, but if you fire him before he gets that chance, you’re all of a sudden in the clear.

If the Jets (mainly Woody Johnson) truly have a goal of winning a Super Bowl, tank this year, get your top draft pick, and then next off-season, you’ll have the opportunity to spend up to $164 million on free agents.

Here’s just a glimpse of players the Jets could throw the kitchen sink at:

Dez Bryant
Demaryius Thomas
Michael Crabtree
Wes Welker
Randall Cobb
Reggie Wayne
Jeremy Maclin

Ike Taylor
Carlos Rogers
Tramon Williams
Byron Maxwell

Tight Ends:
Julius Thomas
Jermaine Gresham
Jordan Cameron

In one off-season, the Jets can easily make themselves a true contender once again, a strategy the Jets executed after the 2007 season (aside from swinging and missing on Vernon Gholston). For the record, if I were John Idzik, my number 1 target would be Dez Bryant. To say that he would be a rockstar in New York would be an understatement.

To recap:

  • Tank this year
  • Fire Rex Ryan before the season ends so there will be no rallying for Rex
  • Get a top 3 draft pick
  • Spend in upwards of $164 million on free agents (mainly Dez Bryant)

While it may appear things look as bleak as ever for the Jets, the tide can turn very quickly, and it will all be possible if the Jets just tank.

Then again, Woody Johnson in the one calling the shots, and it would be a surprise to no one if he helped screw everything up.

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