Jets Very Questionable Timing on Percy Harvin Trade

17 Oct

The New York Jets just made a trade that would normally result in one thinking that the team is going for it all in 2014.

Gang Green acquired Percy Harvin from the Seahawks in exchange for a conditional pick that ranges from a 2nd to 4th round pick, according to reports.

Harvin is as explosive a player as they come, with the ability to turn any play into a touchdown. He’s also a player the Jets desperately needed when you take into account the lack of offensive weapons the team entered the season with.

To me, this sounds like a desperate plea on Woody Johnson’s part to keep the Jets relevant, and to keep fans coming to the games because let’s face it, the Jets season is over. At 1-6, there is about a .000000001% chance they make the playoffs.

A significantly smarter approach would have been to sign DeSean Jackson in the off-season, or trade for Harvin when the season still mattered. After week 2 or week 3 would have made a lot more sense.

So far this season, Harvin has 22 receptions for 133 yards and just 1 rushing touchdown. He does not have a receiving touchdown this season.

With Harvin, the Jets chances of winning games will vastly increase, which at this point in the season accomplishes next to nothing, aside from Rex Ryan possibly winning over ownership to stay for another season.

If I were John Idzik, I would have not made this deal now and just tanked the rest of the way. The positives of the trade are Harvin looks great THIS season. Other than that, everything’s a negative, including the Jets very likely ending up with a much lower draft pick.

And even if Harvin looks great and the Jets keep him around, he will be owed $41.5 million through 2018. That’s a lot of money for a guy who can’t stay on the field.

If he looks bad and gets hurt, then you cut him, but doing so would have thrown away a potentially valuable draft pick.

What do you think about the Percy Harvin trade? Leave a comment below.

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