Frankly Frankel: October 25, 2014

25 Oct

The Jets think now is the time to rally, Derrick Rose will make a statement during this NBA season, and James Shields needs a new nickname. This is Frankly Frankel on this Saturday October 25, 2014.

  • We are one day away from witnessing the debut of Percy Harvin’s Jets career. As tomorrow’s game against the Bills approaches, here are my thoughts.
  • I cannot believe that the Jets are handing out green rally towels to every fan that walks in the door. This could honestly be one of the most embarrassing ideas the franchise has ever had. At 1-6, what is the team rallying for?? What they should be handing out is white flags because this season is O-V-E-R Over Over Over.
  • The notion that NOW we’re going to see what Geno Smith is made of is laughable. These are meaningless games the rest of the way, and if Geno finishes strong what does it really do for the future of the franchise because 2014 is already a lost year?
  • Does that mean Rex Ryan, John Idzik, and Geno Smith get to do this all over again next season? I’m so tired of this recurring trend, and missing the playoffs for a 4th straight year should be more than enough for Woody Johnson to advocate for change. But then again, this is the same Woody Johnson who couldn’t have been happier that the Jets finished 8-8 in 2013.
  • The Jets just can’t go into another season with Rex, Idzik, and Geno at the helm, because nothing has happened during their time together that shows this will work.
  • The hardest part for me is that I legitimately like Rex. I love his passion and his will to win. I almost feel bad for him because Idzik and Woody Johnson don’t share the same vision he does.
  • I was completely blind-sided when the news broke that Joe Maddon was stepping down as manager of the Tampa Bay Rays. I just never saw this coming. What I think this may be attributed to was the team trading David Price at the trade deadline. That may have been the last straw for Maddon, who realized that if the Rays don’t want to keep one of the best pitchers in the game, winning in Tampa is just too great a task for him to fulfill.
  • Any team that brings in Joe Maddon will be getting one of the most creative minds in the game and one heck of a manager. I’m just happy he likely won’t be staying in the AL East. He’s that good.
  • The NBA season gets underway on Tuesday, and here’s what I’m looking forward to as we start the season.
  • Derrick Rose returning for the Bulls. Of all the Derrick Rose returns we’ve had in recent years, this is the one I feel best about. He shined through the FIBA Tournament, and has looked absolutely sensational in the pre-season, especially when he dropped 30 points against the Cavaliers earlier in the week.
  • Rose is as explosive as he’s ever been, and when healthy, is arguably the most exciting player to watch in the entire league.
  • I am eager to see what Kobe Bryant brings to the table at age 36 for the Lakers. Last season was a lost one for the “Black Mamba”, and everyone seems to be doubting him. I’d love to see Kobe silence all of his critics once again.
  • With Kevin Durant likely missing the two months of the regular season, we will get to see what the Oklahoma City Thunder look like as Russell Westbrook’s team. Along with Rose, Westbrook is as exciting as they come, and I can’t wait to see the kind of numbers he has the ability to put up as the number 1 scoring option on his team. Don’t be surprised to see Westbrook’s name thrown in the hat for league MVP this season if the Thunder do well with Durant on the shelf.
  • As for the Brooklyn Nets, all the reports are positive, assuming Brook Lopez returns when he’s supposed to. Jason Kidd leaving is a blessing just because he’s a devil at heart, and Lionel Hollins had no business being fired as coach of the Grizzlies.
  • Deron Williams reportedly looks good, but I will believe that when I see it in the regular season.
  • After seeing what I saw from Mason Plumlee last season and over the summer, he’s a guy that’s going to be fun to watch for the Nets this season. Plumlee is athletic, can block shots, rebound, and is just an old-fashioned hard nosed player.
  • I also can’t get enough of Mirza “Fearza” Teletovic and his sharp shooting ability. When he’s on, this man does not miss, and when he pump-fakes, Teletovic can throw it down emphatically.
  • One other NBA note, it was great to see Paul George back shooting the basketball. About 3 months after suffering a compound fracture in his leg, to see him on a court walking and shooting was unbelievable. Here’s to continued fast and speedy recovery for George.
  • There are a lot of nicknames in sports that work: King James, The Black Mamba, Johnny Football, and Megatron, but one name that doesn’t work, and has never made any sense is “Big Game JamesShields. Small Game James has a career 3-5 postseason record, and his October ERA is an abysmal 5.74.
  • There are a lot of reasons why the Kansas City Royals are in and up 2 games to 1 in the World Series, and James Shields isn’t one of them. As a matter of fact, he’s held them back if anything. If you remember Shields gave up four runs in 5 innings in Kansas City’s one-game playoff against Oakland. If it were up to Shields, the Royals would have been out a long long time ago.
  • On that note, if I were the Yankees, I wouldn’t touch him. Not only is he awful in big games, but no one has more mileage on his arm.
  • Since the start of the 2007 season, no one has logged more innings than Shields, and in 2014 no one threw more pitches. He will be 33 in September, and giving up a 4-5 year deal would be foolish because there’s only one direction his career could go from here, and that’s down.
  • How about the Mets hiring Kevin Long as the teams new hitting coach. For the record, I like the move, but a hitting coach can only be as good as the talent he has to work with. That being said, I can’t see Long being as scrutinized as Mets hitting coaches before him (Howard Johnson, Dave Hudgens).
  • Be sure to tune back next Saturday for another edition of “Frankly Frankel”, and make sure to follow me on Twitter @lucasfrankel.

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