Frankly Frankel: November 1, 2014

01 Nov

Madison Bumgarner owns the World Series, Geno Smith should never start again for the Jets, and Jets fans should direct their anger towards Woody Johnson, not John Idzik. This is Frankly Frankel on this Saturday November 1, 2014.

  • What a World Series we just had, and a sports fan could not have asked for a better ending. Game 7, bottom 9, two-outs, tying run on 3rd, winning run at the plate, it does not get better than that.
  • We may never see one pitcher dominate a postseason like Madison Bumgarner just did. Bumgarner put the San Francisco Giants team on his back. In the World Series, he pitched seven innings of one-run ball in Game 1, a complete game shutout in Game 5, and five shutout innings in Game 7 to shut the door and give the Giants a 3rd title in the last five years.
  • In total, Bumgarner pitched 21 innings in this World Series giving up just one run. He won two games, and picked up the save in the Game 7. Bumgarner is the fist pitcher since Sandy Koufax in 1965 to win 2 games, pitch 20 innings, and record a sub 0.50 ERA in a single World Series. He also pitched a record 52.2 innings this postseason.
  • In his World Series career dating back to 2010, Bumgarner has pitched 36 innings of one-run ball, which is good for a 0.25 ERA. That’s not human.
  • To be completely honest, I was highly skeptical of Bruce Bochy’s move to pitch Bumgarner in Game 1 and 5, instead of Games 1, 4, and 7, for the mere fact that I didn’t believe in Jake Peavy and Tim Hudson to get the job done.
  • Peavy stumbled in both of his World Series starts, and Hudson lasted just 1.2 innings in Game 7. In that regard, I was right. Luckily for the Giants, Bochy was proactive enough to remove Hudson when he did, and in response the Giants bullpen led by Bumgarner pitched 7.1 shutout innings.
  • Even though the Giants won, the Royals showed a heck of a lot more fight than I thought they would. Having six days off following the ALCS was a huge obstacle for such a young, inexperienced team to overcome, and Ned Yost’s bunch nearly won it all.
  • Just because Kansas City didn’t win this year, it’s not like the window of opportunity has been shut. The Royals have a core of young players with Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer, Salvador Perez, Yordano Ventura, Mike Moustakas, and arguably the best bullpen in baseball. This team is built for long-term success.
  • Where do I start with the New York Jets? Last Sunday’s performance was pathetic, John Idzik made it sound like everything smelled like roses, and Eric Decker wants to know why fans love the Jets.
  • I hated the pick from the start, and it’s time to move on in a different direction. Since the 2012 season, Geno has the 3rd worst total QBR of any quarterback. Only Chad Henne and Brandon Weeden have been worse.
  • In Geno’s place, the Jets have decided to start Michael Vick, and quite frankly, I don’t understand. There is no positive benefit of starting Vick at 1-7. If Geno was benched at 1-3, or 1-4, then yes going to Vick would have made sense in an attempt to try and save the season.
  • But if Vick is the answer at quarterback, I want to know the question. The guy that should be starting is Matt Simms. We know what Geno Smith and Michael Vick are, but we don’t know what Matt Simms is. Now is the time to see what he’s made of instead of wasting everyone’s time with the over the hill Vick.
  • Simms has flashed at times in the pre-season. He may prove that he can’t play in the NFL, or he may be a diamond in the rough. But we’ll never know if he doesn’t get a chance to show what he has.
  • As for the GM, I legitimately think there’s a plan in place. I’m not on the “Fire the GM” bandwagon because I am a believer tanking once in a while is not the worst thing. Idzik has all the money to spend in the offseason, and if he doesn’t make the adequate moves to improve the team, then my tone will change.
  • I just wished that Idzik showed a lot more anger than he did on Monday afternoon. The Jets are 1-7, act angry. Losing like this should never be tolerated under any circumstance.
  • If Jets fans want to be angry at someone, (a website has been created), then be angry at Woody Johnson who has been hiding through all of this garbage. Clearly, Johnson doesn’t care about winning, and as long as he’s the owner, the Jets will continue to be a laughing stock. If he really cared, he would be ripping the team, making changes, and saying or doing something to change the mindset of the team.
  • Eric Decker should know better than to ask Jets fans at 1-7 what the best part about being a fan is. What type of answers did he expect to get? Of all the clueless things I’ve seen athletes do over the years, this is definitely up there. How is it great to be a fan of a team that hasn’t won a championship in 45 years?? It’s not.
  • One more Jets note, I would not bring back Percy Harvin. I know it’s been just one game, but I’ve seen enough. Not only is he a bad locker room guy, but you can’t just slide him into an offensive system. You have to build your offense around Harvin, which disrupts the flow of the whole offense. The Jets can cut him at seasons end with no cap penalties. I would make that move in a heart beat.
  • The game of the year in the NFL is this Sunday when Peyton Manning and the Broncos invade Gillette Stadium, where Tom Brady has not lost in the regular season since 2006 (to the Jets).
  • I will be lucky enough to be in attendance, and I cannot wait. You know this game is going to come down to the wire, whichever quarterback has the chance to orchestrate the game winning drive will win.
  • This game is so big because it likely decides who gets home-field in the AFC Championship game. In all the times Brady has faced Manning to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, the home team has always won.
  • The first ever College Football Playoff rankings were released this week, and it’s hard to argue with the top 4. Mississippi State and Florida State are the unquestioned top 2 teams, but Auburn and Ole Miss are currently 3 and 4.
  • Here’s how the committee decided on Auburn and Ole Miss. Auburn has just one loss, which came to Mississippi St., so that loss doesn’t kill the Tigers. Ole Miss beat Alabama, so putting the Crimson Tide ahead of Ole Miss would have created controversy, and Oregon lost to Arizona, arguably the weakest loss of the top 6 teams.
  • The one major question I have is why Notre Dame is 10th. The Irish basically beat Florida State and have just 1 loss on the season. What this shows is there’s clear SEC bias, and no more favoritism toward Notre Dame which the BCS became famous for.
  • Be sure to tune back next Saturday for another edition of “Frankly Frankel”, and make sure to follow me on Twitter @lucasfrankel.

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