RGIII is not the Answer at QB for Jets

27 Nov

In the wake of the news that Robert Griffin III’s time in Washington likely over after this season, it only made sense that the Jets were immediately thought of as a possible landing spot for the embattled former number two overall pick in the draft.

After all, the Jets have been searching for a franchise quarterback since Joe Namath retired, and anytime a noteworthy name becomes available, the Jets are almost always mentioned.

However, who’s ever running the Jets come this off-season, whether that be John Idzik, or a new GM who comes aboard, the answer at quarterback is not RGIII.

As a matter of fact, I could not hand-pick a worse signing for the Jets at the quarterback position.

Here’s what we know about RGIII. He was great his rookie year when he led the Redskins to the NFC East title by throwing for 20 touchdowns to just 5 interceptions. Griffin also ran for over 800 yards and added 7 touchdowns on the ground. Since then, it’s gone way down hill.

Griffin has not come close to returning to the post-season, has not thrown for more than 16 touchdowns in any season, has zero rushing touchdowns to his name since his rookie year, and he can’t stay healthy.

Perhaps the worst indictment on Griffin is he’s built of a reputation for having a bad work ethic.

In an interview with the Michael Kay Show in New York City, Hall of Fame quarterback and ESPN analyst Steve Young said about RGIII, “I’ve talked to his previous coaches, people I really trust and admire, that know quarterbacks. He doesn’t put the time in,” Young said.

If you’re the Jets, hearing what Young said should be the nail in the coffin for thinking about bringing RGIII in.

The quarterback is supposed to be setting the example for the entire team. He’s supposed to be the first guy in, the last guy to leave, and clearly based on the inside information Steve Young has obtained, RGIII is not that guy.

There was also RGIII calling out his teammates to pick up their game in a post-game press conference, and his coach Jay Gruden threatening to bench him if he didn’t play better, which ended up happening.

The Jets quarterback of the future is currently not on the roster. That much we know. We should also know that RGIII is not the answer either.

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