Rex to Bills Makes No Sense

12 Jan

Rex Ryan is headed to Buffalo to coach the Bills, and the move makes little to no sense for both sides.

Let’s face it, Rex Ryan is a flawed HEAD coach at this moment in time. He doesn’t care about offense or special teams, and doesn’t trust his quarterback to win him a game.

It’s for this reason going immediately back into coaching makes no sense for Rex if he plans on being a successful coach, and why he would have been better off going into TV for a year or two in order for him to digest and reflect on what went wrong with the Jets.

I believe this would have given Rex a new perspective on the game and given him the opportunity to truly embrace the “head” coaching title. We all know Rex can coach defense. He’s probably the best defensive coordinator in the entire sport.

We can debate whether or not if Rex went into TV, he would have gotten another chance to be a head coach in the NFL which seems to have been the deal breaker. Television though, really seems to build up former coaches.

Every time there’s a head coach opening in today’s NFL, the first names mentioned are Bill Cowher and Jon Gruden who both happen to be on TV. I cannot think of one case where going into TV made it harder for someone to get back into coaching.

All that happens is former coaches tend to fall in love with the stability of TV life they don’t want to go back to the uncertainty of NFL head coaching life.

Hiring Rex makes no sense for the Bills either, given the current state of the franchise. The one striking problem with the Bills right now is the quarterback position.

The only guy currently on the roster is E.J. Manuel who was benched in favor of Kyle Orton who the Bills pulled off the street in utter desperation. That should tell you all you need to know about Manuel.

In order for a coach like Rex to be successful, he needs a stable offense (ie a capable quarterback) so he can focus all of his attention on the defense since that’s all he cares about.

If Rex was going to get back into coaching right now (TV would have been the better move), he should have gone to the Falcons which would have fit him and what he does best like a glove.

Atlanta has a solid quarterback in place in Matt Ryan, and a defense that could use a guy like Rex to turn that side of the ball around. Last season, the Falcons had the worst rated defense in the league.

Buffalo should be ultra-concerned with the way Rex handled both Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith. There was the silly color-coded system that was unheard of in the history of the NFL he enforced on BOTH of them, and the complete lack of confidence he showed in the quarterback position to get the job done in all of his six years with the team.

Now, more than ever, the NFL is a quarterback driven league. You’re going to win or lose the majority of the games you play based on how your quarterback plays. Rex refuses to acknowledge that.

On the other side of the ball, the Bills arguably have the best defense in the AFC right now and it’s hard to see how much of a positive impact Rex could have. That’s how talented that defense is.

The Bills should have hired an offensive minded head coach who can focus on the quarterback situation while letting the defense do its thing. Instead, Buffalo’s offense will be hung out to dry.

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