Former Jets QB Coach Lashes Out Against Geno

21 Jan

It’s no secret the reason for the Jets struggles in 2014 was due in large part to the play of Geno Smith.

Former Jets QB coach David Lee, who followed Rex Ryan to Buffalo, wasted little time blaming the embattled QB for the teams struggles.

Lee also said how Geno “killed the team”.

While he’s 100 percent correct about Geno’s performance (He threw 25 touchdowns to 34 interceptions the past two seasons), this is not something a QB coach should say, especially when it was his job to develop Geno.

It’s not like his situation will be any different with the Bills where the only current quarterback on the roster is E.J. Manuel who was unceremoniously benched in favor of Kyle Orton.

Orton was brought in off the street and nearly led Buffalo to the playoffs. Lee wasn’t all negative about Smith to be fair.

What seems to be the case here is Lee saw the potential in Geno, but was unable to get the best out of him, and that’s on the coach.

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