Frankly Frankel: April 11, 2015

11 Apr

Duke wins the National Championship, John Calipari is a Hall of Famer, Masahiro Tanaka should just get Tommy John surgery already, and Stevan Ridley signs a one-year deal with the Jets then gets a massive tattoo with the teams logo on his arm. This is Frankly Frankel on this Friday, April 11, 2015.

  • I have to start with what went down early this morning at Yankee Stadium where the Yankees utterly refused to beat the Red Sox after Chase Headley tied the game at 3 with two outs in the 9th.
  • First, Joe Girardi pinch-running Garrett Jones for Alex Rodriguez in the bottom of the 11th was an inexcusable gaffe. Believe it or not, A-Rod has been the best hitter on the Yankees so far in 2015, and it’s not like Girardi was putting Usain Bolt out there, he basically put someone just as slow or maybe even slower than A-Rod.
  • Obviously he would have never guessed the game would go 19 innings, but you’re not seeing John Farrell being so quick to pinch run for David Ortiz or Pablo Sandoval.
  • If Girardi had just left A-Rod in the game, I have to believe this game would have ended much earlier. And Jones was the one who grounded into the game ending double play, so there’s that.
  • Brett Gardner and Didi Gregorious didn’t do anything to help either. Getting picked off in the bottom of the 17th can’t happen, and if Gardner had his head screwed on straight, he probably ends up scoring the winning run that inning.
  • Didi was not captain clutch by any sense of the word in last night’s game. In the bottom of the 16th with runners on 2nd and 3rd with two outs, Gregorious had the chance to be the hero, but he weakly grounded out to first.
  • Then in the bottom of the 18th with Beltran on 3rd as the winning run and two men out, Didi once again grounded out and Boston went on to win the game the next inning.
  • The reason why a loss like this is so frustrating is because when you play for nearly seven hours and lose, it’s extremely deflating for a team. But hopefully the Yankees can rebound and win game number two of the season this afternoon.
  • A few other Yankees notes. One is Masahiro Tanaka should just get Tommy John surgery already. The fact that he’s altered his delivery which has taken 5-6 MPH off his fastball should never happen. The Blue Jays feasted off him last Monday and I can’t see this trend ending anytime soon.
  • The reality here is Tanaka should have had the surgery last July, and he should be on track for a return in August or September. This situation should be over and done with because right now, it seems like Tanaka is delaying the inevitable.
  • He was so dominant when he was healthy in the first half last season, and seeming him being so arrogant about his pitching is head-scratching when his stuff has suffered to greatly.
  • I have no idea how Joe Girardi trots out Stephen Drew everyday to play second base. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: He’s the worst hitter I’ve ever seen, and I would be significantly happier if he played anyone else at 2nd. Give me Rob Refsnyder, heck, give me CC Sabathia at the plate over Drew. That’s how atrocious he is at the plate.
  • He hit .150 in 46 games with the Yankees last season, and so far this season he’s hitting .118. But hey, he plays great defense!!!!Overall with the Yankees who are off to a 1-3 start, the offense has to get on track and fast. Every game so far the Yankees are playing from behind. They have yet to score first in any game this season, which is a trend that can’t continue if the Yankees have any plans on winning.
  • Enough with the Yankees and on to some college basketball where the Duke Blue Devils defeated Wisconsin last Monday to capture the National Championship. I was unable to see much of the game because I have to get up at 4:30am on Tuesday mornings since the game started at 9:20pm (This is a travesty and should not be allowed), but I understand it’s the best way for CBS to get the highest rating possible.
  • Here’s why Duke won: Sam Dekker came up small when it mattered the most, and Tyus Jones played the best game he’s ever played when it mattered the most. Dekker was so unbelievable all tournament long, but couldn’t give his Badgers one more game where put the team on his back.
  • With the win, Coach K won his fifth championship, which puts him in sole possession of second place behind UCLA legend John Wooden for 2nd most all-time. Wooden obviously won his ten titles in an 12-year span, and it took Krzyzewski 35 years to get five, but Coach K is without a doubt the best college coach since Wooden retired.
  • His ability to adjust to the times, consistently bring in top recruits, and all the while doing it at a school with a gym that seats under 10,000 fans is nothing short of remarkable.
  • It was extremely unfortunate to see Bo Ryan being so vocal about the officiating after Wisconsin lost. All complaining about the officiating does is make you look like a sore loser, and that’s exactly what Ryan looks like right now, whether his complains were valid or not.
  • John Calipari was elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame this past week, and quite frankly, I have no idea how he was voted in. At every stop he’s been at besides Kentucky (UMass and Memphis) which is still in progress, he’s had wins taken away and multiple Final Four appearances vacated.
  • Here’s what Cal is: He’s the best recruiter I’ve ever seen consistently pulling in top classes, even at places like UMass and Memphis, and he’s great at getting star talent to buy in and play as one. But does that make him a Hall of Famer when he’s been caught cheating on more than one occasion? Not in my book.
  • The New York Jets brought in former Patriots running back Stevan Ridley this week on a one-year deal. Let me repeat, a one-year deal. So what does Ridley do? He gets a huge Jets tattoo on his arm. Here’s how it looks:


  • I almost want to believe he’s doing this as a favor for the Patriots to jinx his stint with the Jets. The only other professional athlete I can think of doing anything remotely close to this is Ladainian Tomlinson who got a Jets tattoo on his leg after he signed with the Jets in 2010.
  • Be sure to tune in next week for another edition of Frankly Frankel, and make sure to follow me on Twitter @lucasfrankel.

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