Frankly Frankel: May 9, 2015

09 May


Tom Brady is set to be suspended by the NFL, Alex Rodriguez passes Willie Mays on the all-time home run list, Floyd Mayweather says no more rematch with Pacquaio, and the Red Sox are using their pitching coach as a scapegoat. This is Frankly Frankel on this Saturday, May 9, 2015.

  • The highly anticipated Ted Wells Deflate Gate findings have finally been released following a 103 day wait, and those findings are causing quite the stir in the sports world.
  • To be perfectly clear, I never thought Deflate Gate was such a big deal. From everything I’ve heard, it doesn’t seem like under-inflating footballs gives quarterbacks or players playing other positions much of an advantage, if any.
  • Quarterbacks still have to make the throw, wide receivers still have to make the catch, offensive linemen still have to block, and coaches still have to coach. It’s not like when a ball is slightly deflated it becomes a magnet between the quarterback and the receiver.
  • It’s just a rule in the rule book that the league is trying to enforce and when someone breaks that rule, they have to be disciplined. But then again, I’ve never played legitimate football and if players are so insistent on taking air out of footballs, there must be some advantage that they know of because if it didn’t benefit them, they wouldn’t be doing it.
  • As for Ted Wells’ report, was it concrete, clear, and convincing? No. Did it specifically say the Patriots 100 percent without a doubt cheated? No. Did it say Tom Brady undeniably orchestrated the entire thing? No.
  • What it said was Brady was “generally aware” about what Jim McNally and John Jastremski were doing to the footballs Brady would use during the games.
  • The fact the report says Brady knew what was going on raises a red flag. The entire time Brady has denied, denied, denied knowing any wrong doing and saying he would never do anything to cheat the game. If that was indeed true, then this report would have found that Brady really had no idea what happened to those footballs.
  • If he was really innocent here, he would have turned his cell phone over to Ted Wells which would have showed he had nothing to hide. It seems like Brady played the “I plead the 5th amendment” trick hear and just kept his mouth shut the entire time. Winning people over that way is almost impossible.
  • I believe Brady would have been significantly better off owning up to what he did instead of pulling off a Richard Nixon. After what happened in the early 70s with WaterGate, you would have thought people would realize the cover-up is always significantly worse than the crime, and Brady is trying to cover this whole thing up.
  • The fact he’s trying to cover it up when let’s face it, he knew what was going on with those footballs, is the reason why the NFL is going to hand down a suspension this coming week. My guess is the league hands down an eight-game suspension which Brady then appeals down to four, and the Patriots organization gets fined around $500k.
  • As for Brady’s legacy, it’s really taken a hit in the last month. First, he blatantly disrespected the President of the United States by not accepting Obama’s invitation to visit the White House, then he’s seen face-timing with Floyd Mayweather who may be one of the most hated people in America these days, and now he’s attempting to cover-up what should just be a minor scandal.
  • The unfortunate thing here is Brady didn’t need to doctor those footballs. He was going to win four Super Bowls either way, and it’s just disappointing to see a player cheat when the end result wouldn’t have changed.
  • It looks like Brady, like Tiger Woods before him was trying anything and everything to keep his squeaky clean image intact, and that tenacious approach is what’s going end up costing him in the end.
  • Alex Rodriguez hit his 661st home run Thursday night to pass Willie Mays on the all-time home run list. The Yankee Stadium reaction was perfect with everyone giving A-Rod a standing ovation followed by a curtain call. It’s great to see a fan base supporting one of its players despite their troubled past.
  • I’m one of those people currently supporting A-Rod because if he’s going to help the Yankees win games, then I have to root for him. In my opinion, that’s the way a true fan should act.
  • You know that the fight over the $6 million bonus the Yankees owe A-Rod is going to get extremely ugly when in reality it doesn’t have to. The simple solution here is the Yankees and A-Rod come up with an agreement where all the money the team gives him for his home run bonuses go straight to charity, which would be a great PR move and it would resolve this silly controversy.
  • A few other Yankees notes. Joe Girardi can’t keep pitching Dellin Betances and Andrew Miller every game. It’s gotten to the point where I would strongly consider just putting them on the 15-day DL just so they can get some rest because at some point, they’re effectiveness is going to go away if them pitching at this rate continues.
  • There has been a lot to like with the Yankees in the early going, but if you think about it, the Yankees only have four guys in the starting lineup out of nine that are really hitting. Obviously Jacoby Ellsbury and Brett Gardner may never get out again, and then there’s A-Rod and Mark Teixeira who are carrying the load offensively.
  • After that, Carlos Beltran isn’t doing anything, Chase Headley is quietly struggling, Brian McCann continues to hover around the Mendoza line, and then there’s Didi Gregorius and Stephen Drew who might just be the two worst hitters at their positions in all of baseball.
  • The Boston Red Sox fired pitching coach Juan Nieves this week following a rough start to the season for the Red Sox pitching staff.
  • Red Sox starters had a 5.54 ERA at the time of the move, which was good for 2nd worst in all of baseball. Nieves here is the ultimate scapegoat, especially when John Farrell is the de-facto pitching coach anyway.
  • The reality is the talent in the Red Sox pitching staff just isn’t that good, and everyone knew this would be a major problem in 2015. The only reason I could see Farrell making this move is just to send a message to his team that no one is safe and if you don’t pick up the slack, you will be sent packing next.
  • After originally saying he would be open to a rematch with Manny Pacquaio, Floyd Mayweather now says the rematch is off because Pacquaio is “coward” and a “sore loser”. That fight was so atrocious and Pacquaio is so over the hill it’s probably better there won’t be a rematch, even though I still believe there’s a chance this fight happens again.
  • Lastly, how about Derrick Rose hitting that game winner last night for the Bulls over the Cavs. The NBA world has been waiting for Rose to have his breakthrough moment for years, and last night’s shot may have been that moment.
  • Be sure to tune back next week for another edition of Frankly Frankel and make sure to follow me on Twitter @lucasfrankel.
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