Frankly Frankel: May 30, 2015

30 May


Ben Bishop out-duels Henrik Lundqvist in Game 7, it will be LeBron James against Steph Curry in the NBA Finals, the Bulls fire the best coach in the NBA, and FIFA re-elects Sepp Blatter as President. This is Frankly Frankel on this Saturday, May 30, 2015.

  • We start this week with the NHL playoffs and Ben Bishop out-dueling Henrik Lundqvist to lead to the Lightning past the Rangers 2-0 in Game 7 of the NHL’s Eastern Conference Finals. Tampa Bay will play in its first Stanley Cup Finals since 2004 and will await the winner tonight’s Blackhawks Ducks Game 7 from Anaheim.
  • And no I don’t feel bad that the NHL and NBC lose out on the top media market in the country for the Stanley Cup Finals. For the record, I’m taking Chicago to win tonight 4-3 over Anaheim.
  • It’s silly how up and down Ben Bishop was in this series. When he was bad, he was awful, but when he was on, he was dominant. Bishop allowed five goals in Game 3, five goals in Game 4, and five goals before he was pulled in Game 6. But then you had absolutely cold-blooded shutouts in Games 5 and 7 on the road at Madison Square Garden. That is just not supposed to happen.
  • Bishop joins Patrick Roy and Tim Thomas as the only goalies in NHL history to post multiple Game 7 shutouts in a single postseason.
  • As for the Rangers as a team, its big superstars no-showed when it mattered the most. Rick Nash and Martin St. Louis were no where to be found, and the Blueshirts seemed to be playing very defensively all night long.
  • The Rangers have been on the brink of a championship for a while now, having made the Eastern Conference Finals in 2012, the Stanley Cup Finals last season, and the East Finals again this season. You have to wonder if this team is running out of chances.
  • It was learned after the game that Ryan McDonagh played the past couple of games with a broken foot. I don’t know if I should be praising the crap out of McDonagh for that or consider him completely out of his mind. It’s always silly hearing about the injuries hockey players play through. You don’t see that kind of stuff in any other sport.
  • On to the NBA where it will be LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers taking on Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors who will be playing in its first NBA Finals in 40 years.
  • LeBron James has put the Cavs on his back thus far in the playoffs with no Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving not being anywhere close to 100 percent. It just makes me wonder if Cleveland will regret trading Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love when rumors are once again swirling Love will bolt for another team after this season. The Cavs didn’t even need Love to make it out of Eastern Conference playoffs and I like Cleveland to beat Golden State in the Finals in six games, especially when you consider Klay Thompson may not play with a concussion.
  • Who would have thought when the playoffs started that J.R. Smith would be as productive as he’s been for Cleveland? J.R. is one of the streakiest players you’ll see and he’s on a magical run right now.
  • The Chicago Bulls made the expected, but still surprising move this week by firing head coach Tom Thibodeau. Thibodeau is one of the most talented and best coaches in the league, and it’s so rare seeing a team let of go someone who’s so good at what they do. If the Bulls seriously think they can do better, then they’re out of their minds and whichever team ends up with Thibodeau will be thanking the basketball gods.
  • In frustrating news, FIFA has re-elected Sepp Blatter to a 5th term as President. If you’re someone who thinks Roger Goodell is bad at his job leading the NFL, well Blatter has done an even worse job with FIFA.
  • Obviously everyone knows about the allegations and charges against several top FIFA executives, but why in the world is Blatter still working in such a high ranking position when he’s 79-years-old. I mean when is enough enough? And my prediction is companies will start rapidly pulling their sponsorships from FIFA and Blatter will be forced to resign.
  • I cannot believe that FIFA is allowing the 2022 World Cup to go on in Qatar when people are dying every week on the job.
  • Reports say an estimated 4,000 people are expected to die in Qatar while working on making the country ready for the tournament. How is this allowed to continue?
  • A few Yankees notes this week. How in the world is Stephen Drew still a member of this team? The man is hitting .158 and is 1 for his last 26. He also hit .162 last season so this year’s numbers aren’t some fluke. The Yankees can’t keep running this guy out there because he’s becoming an automatic out. Give me someone else, anyone else.
  • When you combine Drew and Didi Gregorius, the Yankees might have the worst middle of the infield offense in the history of baseball.
  • When Joe Girardi wants to give Mark Teixeira a day off to rest, Alex Rodriguez should play first base and not Garrett Jones. Jones’s ineptitude at the position is head scratching. He’s extremely hesitant and is afraid of making a mistake. The Yankees can’t have that. If I were running the team, I’d send Jones and Drew packing.
  • The New York Jets granted Matt Simms his release from the team this week, only to see old pal Rex Ryan quickly scoop him up. I’ve always been a believe in Simms and think he legitimately has one of the stronger arms in the league, but Rex never gave him a shot with the Jets so why is he believing he will get a better shot now that he’s in Buffalo?
  • Make sure to tune back next Saturday for another edition of Frankly Frankel and be sure to follow me on Twitter @lucasfrankel.
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