Rose will never get it

14 Dec

In the least surprising news ever reported, Pete Rose’s attempt for reinstatement into Major League Baseball was denied by Commissioner Rob Manfred.  You can read Manfred’s statement regarding his decision here.

Rose will never get it.  If he really wanted to get back into baseball, he would have stopped betting on the game, which is something he admittedly still does to this very day (although legally).

When you throw in the fact new revelations have come out showing Rose not only bet on the game when he was managing the Reds, but also when he played for them in 1986 after previously being adamant about never gambling on the game as a player, the chances of Manfred reinstating Rose probably (unquestionably) dropped to zero.

This has to be one of the most mind-boggling things I’ve ever seen.  Since originally being banished from baseball by Bart Giamatti in 1989, Rose has non-stopped campaigned to be reinstated, but at the same time he’s given you a negative amount reasons to make the people in charge of Rose’s fate change their minds.

But all this arguing about whether Rose belongs in baseball is irrelevant.  He doesn’t.  He’s committed sins worse than anyone who took steroids, and you can’t give this man any sort of power in any organization because you can’t trust him to act with any sort of dignity.

I’m not even going to get into how baseball allows him to be the number one attraction at it’s own All-Star Game, or how they allow him to be a featured analyst for the World Series (He even left his gig at Fox early to go sign autographs in Las Vegas of all places).  It’s not worth it.

Saying that, there’s one place Rose will always belong, and that’s the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.  The least that can be done is to give the voters an opportunity to vote him in.

He’s only the all-time hits leader, played in more games than anyone in history, made 17 All-Star games, won three World Series, an NL MVP award, among many other accomplishments.

The man shouldn’t be allowed in baseball because he has never, and will never, get it.  But that doesn’t mean his greatness as a player should be ignored.

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