Coach K: The ultimate hypocrite

27 Mar

Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski is an all-time great in his profession. What he’s done building the Blue Devils’ basketball program from nothing into a powerhouse is nothing short of remarkable.

But Coach K missed the boat badly for how he handled the situation involving Oregon F Dillon Brooks following the Blue Devils’ Sweet 16 loss to the Ducks.

It was blatantly evident Coach K had some choice words for Brooks after he connected on deep 3-pointer just before the end of regulation with the result already intact.

When asked about what happened after the game, Brooks told reporters Coach K approached him saying, “You’re too good of a player to do that,” a claim which Krzyzewski quickly denied in his postgame comments.

Now why would Dillon Brooks who lets face it, is relatively unknown in the college basketball universe lie about something Krzyzewski told him immediately after the game? For a player trying to build his NBA profile and make a career out of basketball to do that would be incredibly foolish.

Oregon’s win over Duke came on Thursday, and then two days after the fact, Krzyzewski releases a statement essentially admitting he lied and took responsibility for his actions.

This shouldn’t have waited until Sunday to happen, and the worst part about everything is that Coach K comes out of this looking like a total hypocrite.

Throughout the entire season, Coach K was vigorously protecting and defending Grayson Allen who was tripping players left and right and not criticizing his player one bit in the media.

One would hope there was some internal conversations about the matter but none of that has been disclosed publicly.

Either way though, what Brooks was trying to do really wasn’t that bad. The shot clock was winding down and while taking the violation would have avoided any controversy, chucking the ball up from beyond 30-feet just so it hits the rim isn’t that much worse. It just so happens the ball went in.

So for Coach K to complain about Brooks’ shot and then go out of his way to protect Grayson Allen who’s actions were significantly worse is not a good look for one of the game’s greatest coaches.

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