Rino’s Layered Eggplant: The best food on the planet

25 Apr

This website is usually dedicated to sports content, but I also have a tremendous passion for food and I think my quest to find the greatest food in the world has come to an end.

The greatest food I’ve ever eaten is the layered eggplant appetizer from Rino’s Place in East Boston and it is absolutely to die for.  For the record, everything at Rino’s is spectacular, but the layered eggplant tops everything.  And anyone who knows how critical I am of food knows how critical I am.  Extremely critical.


The dish consists of fried eggplant layered with a hefty amount of the freshest mozzarella cheese you could ever dream of, I’m talking hot, gooey, just perfect, tomato and then is drenched in pesto, and what’s better than pesto?? The sweetness of the tomato is crucial to balance the saltiness of the pesto and the cheese.

Also, the photo above is a half order and it only costs $6!! Talk about a steal!!

I’m the first to admit eggplant is not for everyone, but this dish is so good even if you despise eggplant you can’t not like this.  The collaboration of the flavors is nothing like you could ever imagine.  If there were ever to be a perfect marriage in the food world, this would be it.

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