Frankly Frankel: May 1, 2016

01 May

Deflategate will never end, Laremy Tunsil is the person to blame for his social media draft night debacle, Roger Goodell is clueless, the Jets draft Christian Hackenberg, and Jerry Jones dominates the draft.  This is Frankly Frankel on this Sunday, May 1, 2016.

  • I was so sure we would never have to hear about Deflategate ever again after Judge Richard Berman nullified Tom Brady’s four game suspension last September.  I really thought we would be able to move on from what let’s face it is a silly equipment violation.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.
  • But ironically enough as I was on my way to Boston last Monday, I saw a tweet saying a federal appeals court overturned Judge Berman’s original ruling and now Brady is slated to be suspended for the first four games of this upcoming season.
  • The basis of the decision was the court ruled Roger Goodell has the authority to weigh in on a situation like this and do whatever he feels is appropriate in order to uphold the “integrity of the game.”
  • It almost feels like Goodell could have ruled to suspend Brady for life for his role in Deflategate, and based on the court’s decision, Goodell would have had every right to do that.  So yes, Goodell has way too much power.
  • Back to the ruling.  At first, I was extremely excited since I didn’t believe there was any way Brady would be able to keep fighting this any longer.  However, I soon found out Brady would continue fighting and my tone quickly changed from happiness to restlessness.
  • Furthermore, looking at the Patriots’ schedule, the only somewhat difficult game for New England in the first four weeks is Week 1 in Arizona against the Cardinals.  Besides that, the Pats get to play the Dolphins, Texans, and Bills, all at home.  Worst case scenario for the Patriots is they go 3-1, and then Brady will return and New England will once again coast to another AFC East title and the likely first seed in the conference.
  • In essence, the suspension means nothing in terms of the Patriots’ championship aspirations and if anything, may actually benefit Brady since he will be fresh entering Week 5 against the Browns.  He is going to be 39 next season after all.
  • Then again, Brady is obviously going to go all in on appealing this suspension and we may get our final answer on this by the year 2037!!
  • A report from Adam Schefter on Saturday confirmed what many believed to be true, that this video scared teams away and was a major reason why Tunsil went from being a sure fire top 10 pick to falling to the 13th pick in the draft, a drop that costs him nearly $8 million.  Ouch.
  • The Schefter report said the Ravens had every intention of taking Tunsil with the No. 6 pick, but took Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley instead after the Tunsil marijuana video surfaced.
  • Before the Rams and Eagles traded up to the number one and two picks in the draft, the consensus feeling was Tunsil would be the first player off the board.  Things obviously changed.
  • Do I feel bad for Tunsil?  Absolutely not.  This is 100 percent his fault and he’s the one who should be held responsible.
  • If you are an athlete and are on social media, you should be the person who handles your accounts, whether those be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or whatever else is out there nowadays.  If you don’t want to be on social media, don’t be on social media.  Tunsil doesn’t manage his social media accounts and he has other people run his accounts for him.
  • For me, if Tunsil was the person who actually handled his Twitter account, this would have never happened and he would have gone sixth to the Ravens.  That’s where this starts and ends for me.  I hope you learned your lesson, Laremy.
  • I will say though that whoever did hack Tunsil’s account, and I would love to find out who this person was, really could have not picked a worse time to tweet that video.  For this video to become public when it did is truly astounding.
  • All of this drama occurred on Thursday night, and as I do most weekday mornings, tuned into Mike & Mike and watched as Goodell came on to comment on everything that happened with Tunsil.
  • The first question Mike & Mike asked Goodell was how aware was he of what was going on with Tunsil during the draft.  Goodell answered saying he was very busy and unaware.  You have got to be kidding me!  Everyone on the planet and their mothers knew what was happening with Tunsil.  Does Goodell think we’re really supposed to believe he didn’t know what was happening??  How stupid do you think we are Roger?????
  • If after that answer you thought Goodell had his finest answer of the interview, you were wrong.  Goodell was then asked about his overall thoughts on the situation and he proceeded to talk about how something like this makes the draft exciting.  Um what??  One of the top NFL prospects being seen taking a massive hit of marijuana with a gas mask on is what the draft is all about! Give me a break Roger.
  • Believe it or not, there’s still more to this story.  On Friday, the Dolphins were scheduled to hold a news conference introducing Tunsil to the Miami media, but Dolphins VP of football operations Mike Tannenbaum (former Jets great) announced that Tunsil would not be addressing the media after suffering from an allergic reaction.  He did end up showing up but I have to comment on the allergic reaction story first.
  • This was almost as bad as Goodell saying he was unaware of what was happening to Tunsil during the draft.  There was never a chance Tunsil was suffering from an allergic reaction and the fact the Dolphins couldn’t just say Tunsil wasn’t speaking and had to make up some bogus story is embarrassing.  Again, if you bought the allergic reaction story, then you’re a sucker.
  • In a stunning development, Tunsil did end up speaking and would not talk about his draft night incident.  All he said was how excited he was to play for the Dolphins.  Really riveting stuff.
  • I’m not going to give my Jets draft grade right now and will instead wait to see how these picks pan out.  Linebacker Darron Lee, whom the Jets took with the 20th pick out of Ohio State seems like he would be a great replacement for Demario Davis.  Unlike Davis, Lee has the speed to cover and play in space.  A bigger splash here would have been a Jaylon Smith or Myles Jack, but I’ll trust Maccagnan with this pick, at least for now.  If a few years go by though and Myles Jack and or Jaylon Smith are superstars and Lee is a bust, I don’t know what I’ll do.
  • In the second round, the Jets stunned the football world as Chad Pennington enthusiastically announced Penn State quarterback Christian Hackenberg would be making his way to Gang Green.
  • All I could think about seeing when Pennington announce the Hackenberg pick was remembering how excited Wayne Chrebet was to announce the Jets were drafting Geno Smith in 2013.  What memories!
  • The book on Hackenberg is unclear.  What’s fascinating about him though was he was the No. 1 high school recruit out of West Virginia and if the draft was held after the 2014 college football season, Hackenberg probably goes first overall.
  • Instead, Penn State’s offensive line couldn’t block anything or anyone if their lives depended on it, and Hackenberg’s play suffered because he was consistently getting lit up seemingly after every snap.  Hence the nickname “Sackenberg.”
  • In terms of upside, there’s no reason why Hackenberg shouldn’t become a great NFL quarterback.  He’s apparently not ready now, but I’d easily take him over Geno Smith, Bryce Petty, and Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  • The feeling around Hackenberg is he needs a year to sit and watch, which means the Jets need someone to start this season.  I’d rather start no one than start Geno, the fact Maccagnan drafted Hackenberg tells you all you need to know about how the franchise feels about Bryce Petty, and I refuse to overpay for Fitzpatrick who the Jets sent a strong message to that he’s not the long term answer at quarterback.  I just wish Fitzpatrick would sign a one-year $10 million deal and we could all go home.
  • An underrated aspect of this story is seeing how not having Fitzpatrick back with the Jets will play in the locker room.  Brandon Marshall is Fitzpatrick’s No. 1 fan, and Eric Decker, Nick Mangold and a few other Jets were recently seen with Fitzpatrick taking in a Rangers playoff game together.  That alone is as big a reason why the Jets would be wise to not let Fitzpatrick slip away even though he’d be leading the team on a bridge to no where as the starter.  You don’t want to lose the locker room over something as silly as this.
  • Last season was as good as Fitzpatrick will ever be in my opinion.  His ceiling is 10-6, and let’s not forget his three late interceptions in the Buffalo game in Week 17.  That was as brutal quarterback play is a big spot as you’ll ever see.  He’s not close to being the be all end all and when it comes to actual quarterback ability, I’m really not that impressed by him.
  • I am disappointed that the Jets didn’t do anything to address the tight end position this offseason.  I know Zach Sudfeld and Jace Amaro are supposed to be back healthy, but I would have liked to see Maccagnan add some much needed insurance at tight end.  Someone, anyone.
  • I thought the Dallas Cowboys had an absolutely outstanding NFL draft.  I think the world of Ezekiel Elliott who once upon a time was looking like he would fall to the Jets at No. 20.  That didn’t last very long.
  • I was a huge fan of Dallas taking Jaylon Smith in the second round because if he never got hurt, Smith would have been a no doubt top five pick.  The Cowboys also know more about Smith than every other team in the league since it was Dallas’ team physician who performed the surgery on Smith’s knee.
  • Taking Dak Prescott in the fourth round was another great move with Tony Romo not having too much time left in the NFL.  Prescott is uber talented and with time, has every ability to develop into a really solid quarterback.
  • There’s not much to say about the Yankees.  The offense is putrid, the starting pitchers don’t give them any length, the bullpen has been shaky.  Other than that, things couldn’t be going any better while the other team in town (the Mets) can do no wrong.
  • Be sure to tune in next time for another edition of Frankly Frankel and make sure to follow me on Twitter @lucasfrankel.
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