MLB organizations should be clamoring for Tebow

30 Aug

The chances of Tim Tebow being a productive Major League Baseball player are slim to none.  It would be an unprecedented feat for someone, anyone who hasn’t played baseball in 12 years like Tebow to all of a sudden decide they want to play again and then make a meaningful impact.

Whether Tebow will be a great baseball player or not should be the least of MLB organizations’ concerns, with Tebow having something no other minor league player could offer since Michael Jordan rode the bus for the Birmingham Barons in 1994.

Which ever team takes that chance on Tebow will benefit immensely.  For starters, ticket sales, which are always a top priority for minor league teams, would go through the roof.  Every Tebow game and at-bat would be must-see TV and you can bet games which are usually half full at best would now draw capacity crowds.

Since Tebow is such a polarizing athlete, national television outlets such as ESPN or MLB Network would likely pick up Tebow’s games to showcase to a greater audience.

That means major exposure not just for the organization, but also for all the other players on the roster which is what in my mind shoots down the notion that minor league players on the same team as Tebow would resent his presence.

If any minor league player resents Tebow being in the minor leagues, they need to take a step back and realize the amount of exposure Tebow would be creating for them.

For example, if MLB Network decides to broadcast one of Tebow’s minor league games, and a random player no one’s ever heard of has a huge game at the plate and/or on the pitcher’s mound, then so many people who hadn’t previously heard of that player will now know.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

This is just too good of an opportunity for MLB organizations to pass up.  It’s just a matter of who will budge first at this point.

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