Vikings clearly unaware Bradford stinks

04 Sep

We knew the Vikings would be desperate after losing Teddy Bridgewater for the season.  We just didn’t think they’d be so desperate to the point of surrendering a first-round pick in 2017 and a fourth-round pick in 2018 for Sam Bradford.

In case you didn’t know, and clearly the Vikings didn’t, Sam Bradford stinks.  He’s atrocious.  He’s so bad the Eagles felt the need to move hell, heaven and earth in order to move up in the NFL draft to select Carson Wentz out of an FCS school with the second overall pick.

Philly was so adamant about not wanting Bradford they traded two first-round picks, a second-round pick and third and fourth-round picks to the Browns so the team could draft Wentz.  The Eagles did not envision Sam Bradford as being part of its future, something that was made abundantly clear and you can’t blame them for that.

Since entering the NFL in 2010, Bradford sports a career record of 25-37, and as a wise man (Bill Parcells) once said, “You are what your record says you are.”  One can conclude from looking at Bradford’s record that he’s a 12 games under .500 career quarterback.  Atrocious.

He has never once finished a season with a winning record.  More importantly, Bradford has zero postseason experience. The closest he came was his rookie year when his 7-8 Rams lost to the Seahawks for the division crown.

He’s thrown 78 touchdowns to 52 interceptions, good for a 1.5-1 ratio, not particularly impressive and last season finished with 19 touchdowns and 14 interceptions for the 7-9 Eagles.

Conventional wisdom here says Adrian Peterson, who played with Bradford while the two attended Oklahoma, pushed for the Vikings to acquire Bradford, but there were so many other, better, less expensive directions the Vikings could have gone at quarterback.

For the record, any time you lose your starting quarterback to a season-ending injury in the NFL, barring any miracles, your season is essentially history, which is the harsh reality of the Bridgewater injury.  There was a lot of optimism surrounding the Vikings prior to Bridgewater getting hurt and that optimism quickly turned to pessimism.

With the start of the regular season so close, there’s really nothing the Vikings can do to make up for their sumptuous loss.

While Shaun Hill isn’t a polarizing name by any means, a 16-18 career mark isn’t much worse (it’s actually better) than what Bradford has on his resume and he could have held down the fort.  It wouldn’t have cost the Vikings anything extra to start Hill.

Geno Smith would have cost the Vikings a fourth-round pick at the most, most likely a lot less, Mark Sanchez was cut by the Broncos and was available before being picked up by the Cowboys, and veteran Josh McCown could have been a possible option with Robert Griffin III set to open the season as the Browns’ starter, just to name a few.

Without Teddy Bridgewater, the Vikings had a despondent view on its season, but the franchise didn’t have to mortgage a good portion of its future for Sam Bradford who’s destined to lead Minnesota on a bridge to nowhere.

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