Marshall’s support of Fitzpatrick laughable

03 Oct

Supporting your teammate is one thing, but the extent Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall has taken his support for Ryan Fitzpatrick can be described as nothing short of incredulous.

Following Fitzpatrick’s three-interception performance against the Seahawks that dropped the Jets to 1-3 on the season with the vaunted Pittsburgh Steelers on-deck, Marshall made these comments in support of his impotent quarterback.

“I am going down with the boat with Ryan Fitzpatrick,” Marshall said.  “Ok?  You got it?  Can you not ask my any more questions about it? I am going down in the boat with No. 14.”

Marshall is allowed to be BFF’s with Fitzpatrick all he wants.  If they want to go to a New York Rangers game together, go on an excursion to Chicago or take part in any activity that comes to mind, that’s totally fine, but that shouldn’t overshadow the most important aspect in all of this: winning football games, something Fitzpatrick has not been particularly great at as an NFL quarterback.

And Marshall is one of the more eloquent players in the NFL, hence his weekly gig on “Inside the NFL” and what is gearing up to be long career as an analyst in some capacity at some major company once his playing days are over, but at some point he has to wake up and smell the coffee.

Whether Marshall wants to admit it or not, the Jets are going nowhere with Fitzpatrick as the starting quarterback.  Not that Geno Smith, Bryce Petty or Christian Hackenberg will give the team any greater chance at winning but we know for sure Fitzpatrick is not the answer at the position.

Other than friendship, it’s dumbfounding why Marshall is so steadfast in supporting a quarterback who’s played in a grand total of zero playoff games, leads the NFL in interceptions and has the worst passer rating in the sport.

So if Marshall is so insistent on living and dying with Fitz, it was nice knowing you, Brandon.

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