Starting Fitzpatrick again would be ‘insane’ move

07 Nov

“I think I should start every week,” Ryan Fitzpatrick adamantly told the media in the moments after leading the Jets to a come-from-behind 26-14 victory over the Ravens.

Earlier in the week, Fitzpatrick had been benched in favor of Geno Smith, who suffered a torn ACL in the game, setting the stage for Fitzpatrick’s triumphant return to the starting lineup. “Going forward, yeah, I’m going to be pissed off,” Fitzpatrick concluded.

For one half of football in Cleveland the following week, it appeared Fitzpatrick may have been up to something, leading the Jets on three second half touchdown drives and a 31-28 victory to keep the season alive.

And then in Miami against the Dolphins, Fitzpatrick reverted back to his old ways like only Ryan Fitzpatrick can.  There were not one, but two potential touchdowns missed because of poor throws on the initial offensive drive.  The first came when Fitzpatrick overshot a wide open Robby Anderson for what would have been a 47-yard touchdown strike.

On third-and-two later in the drive, Fitzpatrick had a clear path to hit Brandon Marshall on a slant in the end zone, but missed again.  Another trip to the red zone, and another missed touchdown opportunity.  The same thing occurred in the second quarter when another potential Jets touchdown drive stalled at the Miami 3-yard line.

Fitzpatrick was at his true worst in the second half, throwing an interception right to Dolphins defensive lineman Jordan Phillips, and then after witnessing another drive stall deep in Miami territory with a field goal, it appeared the Jets were finally going to break through until Fitzpatrick threw the ball up to no one in particular and Brice McCain made what will probably be the easiest interception of his career.

While a Dolphins gaffe on a punt gave the Jets new life, with Fitzpatrick hitting Jalen Marshall for an 18-yard touchdown to put New York up 23-20, the special teams unit gave up a 96-yard kickoff return for a touchdown to give Miami a lead they would not relinquish.

Once again, this loss falls 100 percent on Fitzpatrick.  The Jets had three red zone drives that resulted in field goals, and another that was ruined by an embarrassing interception.  Fitzpatrick also threw a second interception deep in his own territory that resulted in another three points for the Dolphins.  I don’t even want to get into what would have happened if one of those four red zone trips resulted in a touchdown (The Jets lost by four).

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and every single week Ryan Fitzpatrick, despite his claims that he should start every week and that he’s going to play angry, continues to make the same mistakes week in and week out.

He leads the NFL with 13 interceptions, two more than any other quarterback, and the Jets are 31st in red zone efficiency this season.  Fitzpatrick suffering a sprained MCL might make Todd Bowles’ decision to start Bryce Petty easier, but it shouldn’t be because of that.

Ryan Fitzpatrick stinks, and his performance every week proves why he shouldn’t start for the Jets.

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