Bowles lost with Hackenberg decision

27 Dec

Todd Bowles doesn’t think Christian Hackenberg is ready to start an NFL game.  Not just any NFL game, a completely meaningless Week 17 bout against the Bills where the only thing on the line is draft position.

If Hackenberg isn’t ready now, when will he be ready?  Was Tom Brady “ready” after Mo Lewis infamously took out Drew Bledsoe in a game in 2001?  Was 2016 fourth-round pick Dak Prescott “ready” when Tony Romo broke a bone in his back during a preseason game?

Bowles claims there’s “nothing to be gained” by seeing what the Jets’ 2016 second-round pick out of Penn State can do.  Instead, he’d rather revert to Ryan Fitzpatrick who will likely (without question) be celebrating his final game as a Jet on Sunday afternoon.

Bowles’ logic here is completely flawed.  Hackenberg has the ability to provide somewhat of a glimpse into what the future can look like.  Fitzpatrick is the epitome of a lame duck quarterback who has as much of a future with the team as Jennifer Aniston has with Brad Pitt.

Sometimes, situations arise where players just have to be thrown into the fire, and that is exactly what Bowles should be doing with Hackenberg.

The Jets invested a second-round pick in Hackenberg, and the fan base deserves an opportunity to see what he can do in an NFL game.

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