Critics blasting Jets for MNF performance don’t get it

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The New York Jets were embarrassed by the Indianapolis Colts on Monday Night Football.

The team showed almost no fight, receivers were dropping passes left and right, Ryan Fitzpatrick was benched in favor of Bryce Petty and Andrew Luck did whatever he wanted to against the Jets’ defense. The final result was a 41-10 drubbing that seemed to wake up all of the Jets’ critics for losing in pathetic fashion.

Those critics are blasting the Jets, maybe deservedly so, but as a truly loyal Jets fan, and as painful as it was to see the Jets get humiliated on national television, I would rather see that happen every game the rest of the season than see the Jets blow a game they should have won.

The season has been over for this team. The playoffs became out of reach when the Jets lost their sixth game of the season against the Dolphins in Week 9.

Now, there’s one task for this team and that is to get the best draft pick possible. The talent coming out of college this year is gaudy, including the likes of Jabrill Peppers out of Michigan and LSU RB Leonard Fournette, both of whom are likely to be taken very early in next April’s draft.

Fournette and Peppers are two players that have the ability to change the fortunes of a franchise, and the Jets could certainly use them far more than they could use winning any more games the rest of the season.

Newsflash everyone, the Jets aren’t even close to being as bad as what they showed against the Colts. Just one week ago, they were on the cusp of beating the Patriots, the team widely viewed as the AFC’s best team.

Before the Colts game, the Jets lost three straight games by a combined 12 points. Besides the two Monday Night Football games and the Chiefs game, the Jets have been in every game they’ve played in and could have won each game if one play went a different way.

True Jets fans should be rooting for losses in the final four games, and if they get embarrassed, it will simply be less painful to watch.

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