Penn State, not Ohio State should have CFP spot

Multimedia Sports Journalist

The College Football Playoff committee has made a tremendous gaffe leaving the Big Ten Champion Penn State Nittany Lions out of the top four in favor of Ohio State.

To say this sets a bad precedent would be a drastic understatement.  Not only did Penn State beat Ohio State in their only head-to-head meeting of the season, they also won the Big Ten conference outright. Thanks to a ferocious comeback from a three touchdown deficit against Wisconsin in the conference title game.

The main support for Ohio State is the dreaded “eye-test” and “regular season resume.”  Could you imagine if any other sport determined who played in their championship game by this criteria?

Think about it like this.  Ohio State didn’t even make the NFC Championship game and we’re just going to put them in the Super Bowl?  Losing to Penn State should be equivalent to losing a playoff game, one that knocks the Buckeyes out of the picture (based on how the two teams played the rest of the season).

This is akin to putting the 14-2 Dallas Cowboys straight to the Super Bowl just for having the best record in the NFL.  Forget about them having to win their conference or even a playoff game, we’ll just put them right in the Super Bowl because they appear to be the best team in the league.

Leaving Penn State out in favor of Ohio State would open the floodgates for College Football Playoff committee decisions with no true backup or support.

While Ohio State may end up being national champions this season, that doesn’t validate the Buckeyes securing a playoff spot over the Nittany Lions.

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