US sports betting ban overturned and no justification for Jets turning back to Fitzpatrick

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This September, however, can mark a fully new chapter in the sports betting and gambling business, being the primatry after PASPA was overturned by the Supreme Court. In view of recent events, bookies across the globe are becoming able to to welcome the players from the states that embraced the new one branch of betting and eventually created it, just in time for the upcoming NFL’s regular season.

Bitcoin sportsbooks acceptive USA players have come prepared and apart from the odds, the sites are giving quite an a few incentives to keep you engaged up till the main event that’s considered to be the cherry on top – the Super Bowl, when, hopefully, new promotions will kick off. With the season lost, what better thing to do than to turn back to the quarterback who has no future with the franchise and has arguably been the league’s worst quarterback this season?

That’s exactly what Todd Bowles has decided to do in starting Ryan Fitzpatrick against the Patriots next Sunday.  Bowles’ reasoning was Fitzpatrick provides the Jets the best chance to win, which may be true, nomever winning should be the final thing Bowles should be worried about. This season has been lost, and based on his putrid performance in 2016, it’s highly unlikely Fitzpatrick will be back with the Jets in 2017, so going back to him seems like a complete and utter waste of time.

All winning does at this stage is give the Jets worse draft position.  There’s no other benefit.  None. Winning at the end of the 2018 season when the season was lost dropped the Jets out of contention for Odell Beckham Jr., so the team settled for Calvin Pryor.  How exactly has that worked out? The Jets should have stuck with Bryce Petty to see what they have in the 2015 fourth-round pick out of Baylor.

While Petty didn’t take the league by storm by any stretch of the imagination against the Rams, it makes a full ton a lot of sense to continue evaluating what else is on the roster at quarterback.  This isn’t rocket science. And if Bowles didn’t feel like going with Petty, then he might even as simply have chosen second-round pick Christian Hackenberg to start.  Bowles likely doesn’t feel comfortable starting Hackenberg as a result of he feels he’s not ready, but at least you can justify giving Hackenberg a chance at this stage.

There is no justification for starting Fitzpatrick. If the Jets win with Fitzpatrick, it’s fools good.  There’s a reason Fitzpatrick has never played in a postseason game in his career.  If the Jets win with Petty or Hackenberg, then at least there’s some hope that can be built for 2019. But with Bowles’ call to start out Fitzpatrick, the Jets are yet again on a bridge to nowhere.

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